nutellaflower-deactivated201311: I need a skate recommendation I have had Jackson's for a while but I need a new pair I am landing my axles and doubles so if you could that would be great

honestly boots depend on the “type” of foot you have… I have super small and narrow feet so I wear riedells… i also got fitted at a very reputable rink and got a really good recommendation. i work for/am friends with keegan messing and he skates in EDEAs and he loves them because of the technology in them and how technical they are. he also (he’ll kill me for saying this) has small feet. i also work for/am friends with max aaron but I can’t remember what skates he wears…

and now that you’re doing doubles and axels you need to buy separate blades because the factory blades boots come with aren’t very strong. jackson and MK make good blades. this website may help you with blades better than i can » …I think keegan wears paramounts, but for his EDEAs i think they gave him some, i cant remember

hope that helped!!

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I almost want it to be a red sparkly dress. >.<

well red looked like shit with everything so i went with white

no updates this week/weekend

off to omaha for youuuu guessed itttttt

nationals :)

i love how i lose followers because i dont post every day~


i dont really have time to post during the week… i work like close to 30 hours monday through thursday and im preparing to graduate in march from college finally :)

but thanks for all the follows, ill post some this weekend :)